Our vision for Croatian households

enasolHome simplifies the use of green energy and enables the coverage of all energy needs using renewable sources exclusively. Customers have no investment and will enjoy a 20% reduction of their energy cost for the entire duration of the 20-year contract. After 2 years of cooperation, we will install battery storage units at the cost of enasol, and facilitate the installation of EV chargers at competitive terms.

We turn consumers into PROSUMERS.

Our customers need energy for warm water, heating, cooling and all their appliances and lighting. enasol will generate it at their home.


CES – the technical solution behind enasolHome


Solar thermal
systems generate warm
water and heating energy

Heat pumps
Are used for heating and, depending on configuration,
space cooling

Photovoltaic systems
generate electricity

enasol designs the CES, installs and maintains it for the entire 20-year contract tenure with the customer. To ensure that the CES is running exactly as planned, enasol permanently monitors and maintains the installation making enasolHome efficient and convenient.

The enasol venture is based on the 4D paradigm: