About Us

The ways we generate, trade and use energy are going through a significant paradigm shift, changing the energy business worldwide. Renewable energy sources have pushed the industry into a irreversible process of distributed energy generation. Significant investments are made to reduce the negative impact energy generation has often had on the environment and our well-being.

enasol is in the very focus of this transition, enabling customers to maximise the use of renewable energy. Our services enasolHome and enasolBusiness are dedicated to residential and business customers, respectively.

Qelo with its developing network of own, easily accessible public and private chargers, as well as 280.000 public chargers of our roaming partners in more than 30 countries worldwide will make your choice to churn to electric vehicle use as smooth as possible.

The transition towards electric vehicles in the next 30 years will significantly increase the demand for electrical energy worldwide. Let us make sure that the demand is covered from renewable sources.

Predrag Šeatović